DIY Key Ring

Not too long ago, I was making a project that required about 30 key chains. I was planning on buying them the next time I went to store. However, I came across some wire, and it hit me. Why not just make them? It was so simple that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier.

Wire, wire cutters, a cylinder object, and two minutes later I had enough homemade key chains for my project.

Since it was not only super easy but also super cheap, I had to share it with you.

1. Gather your tools. You will need wire, wire cutters, and a cylinder object that is the size you want your key ring.0410150431

2. Wrap the wire tightly around the cylinder object0410150437

3. Remove the wire from the cylinder object.


4. Cut your wire. For light items, like foil shapes, you only need on loop, but for heavier items you will want two loops.0410150442

5. Press the ring together0410150449

Now you are ready to start your project.


Make Your Own Make Up Vanity

 Here are five different vanity set ups that you can make yourself.

Vanity with Lights and Ribbons

Unique vanity lights made with white Christmas lights and ribbon.


vanity with straightner storage

 I love how the shelf has holders for the straightener and blow dryer. This is a great idea since you could store it while it’s still hot. I would have to add one for a curling iron as well, but worth it.


suitcase vanity

Love the idea of using an old suitcase as a vanity. I would make it float though; I’m not a big fan of the legs.


Shelves and Mirror Vanity

Mirror on the wall with two floating shelves underneath. Nice clean look.


Table and Mirror Vanity

I saved the best for last. I love all the storage they have fit into this area. The glass top is an amazing idea so you can see what is there without making a huge mess.



Organize Your Accessories With These Repurposed Items

Here are seven organization solutions for all your accessories.