12 Indoor Kids Games DIY

During the Winter and Spring kids have so many days where they can not go outside, and these days it usually means they will be stationed in front of the television or some kind of electronic device. This bugs me because kids seem to be losing their imagination. So I have compiled a list of 12 games that can be made by kids (with help from adults for smaller kids) with items you can find around the house.

12 Indoor Games for Rainy or Snowy Days

1. Ball Toss
Use buckets for your targets. Mark them on the inside with
chalk or dry erase marker. Now you are ready to
start tossing balls in.

Ball toss

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DIY CD Wall Art

DIY for a Teenager

My daughter has decided she wants to redo her bedroom. She is a teenage girl who is into music, quotes, and all things teenager. She wants to stick to a music theme, but to blend in her unique style. I went on a mad search and found all kinds of projects for her to go through and pick what she liked. She was more than happy to tell me what she wanted to try and what she did not.

What Could I Make for Free??

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Repurposed Challenge #1 ( 15 – CD’s )

My son challenged me to find 15 ways to repurpose old CD’s with at least 1 idea of my own.

Before I went on my search spree, I was kinda worried all I would find would be coasters. Much to my surprise, there were many creatively clever ideas to choose from. Most of which can be done for free or next to nothing. My daughter wants the room divider and the lamp for her room decor. I really liked the chandelier and the lamp, as well. Then there is the Christmas Tree. I would love to see this as a town project. It would be wonderful for the boy or girl scouts to make, or even us on the park board. The whole town could pitch in their old cd’s. Definitely a great idea for a community get together project around the holidays.

My original ideas were the mail sorter and the napkin holder. Since I was not planning to keep these items, and I was excited to post my first challenge, they were just put together as a visual to my thought. So what I am saying is they were both done in five minutes. The idea is there, but it is up to you to make it beautiful.

Links to the original post are posted on the bottom next to the
corresponding number 🙂

1. Source 2.Source 3.Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8.Source 9.Source

10. Source 11. Source 12. Source 13. Source 14.Source 15. Source

Napkin Holder Made from CD’s


Super Simple Free Repurposing Project using CD’s


You Will Need:



Piece of Wood





Wrap wood in cloth. Have slot on the top to insert CD’s.

Place CD’s in slot and glue.

(In hindsight I should have glued the CD’s to the outside of the wood. I think it would have not only looked better but given it better support



This was made in under 3 Minutes. There are tons of things you could do to make it look better. Go ahead and USE YOU IMAGINATION !!!!


Organize Your Accessories With These Repurposed Items

Here are seven organization solutions for all your accessories.