CD Curtain

A CD curtain was a must have for my daughter’s music themed room from the moment she seen it. I knew I had approximately 40 Cd’s that would no longer play, but I also knew that was no where close to what we needed. So I did what any smart minded person would… I posted a request on Facebook. The following day my Grandpa dropped off a ton of Cd’s for us. It still wasn’t enough, but it was enough to start.

However, I already had many projects already going for her room, and I honestly I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. So the Cd’s sat on top of my pile of ‘ Get To’ projects for a couple of weeks, until I decided to conquer it.

I knew I had to put holes in the Cd’s. So first I tried a hole puncher… yeah right… of course that didn’t work. Next I tried a small torch which just melted part of Cd. However, third time was the charm. I used a wood burning tool which went through the Cd like butter. So after several different learning experiences, this is how it worked for me.

1. Burn two holes parallel from each other in each Cd. Make sure they are close enough for the key rings to fit, but not too close otherwise it will go through the edge. You can burn holes in multiply Cd’s at once using the wood burning tool.


2. If you burned multiply Cd’s at once they will be stuck together. Use a flat screw driver and insert next to hole to pop them apart.0410150345

3. Nail clippers work great to pick the burnt ring that will develop around the hole.0410150346

4. Face two Cd’s were the shiny sides are together on the inside.0410150453

5. Place a key ring through both Cd’s at one time, but only in one side.0410150455

6. Open Cd’s and you have your first piece done.0410150456

7. Repeat steps 4-6, using one attached Cd and one new Cd, until you have your desired length

8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have enough chains to fill your desired area.

9. Hang your chains. I used a piece of wood and stapled cloth around it. Then I added eye hooks to hang the chains from.0410150123a

10. Enjoy your new Cd curtain


DIY: How to Cut a CD

When a Repurposed Project Calls for CD Pieces

I have ran across several repurposed projects where CD pieces are needed. So how do you get CD pieces? Well there is the obvious way of breaking them, but that often ends up with flying CD pieces and several jumpy moments. On top of that, most of the time little pieces are left unseen after flying away from the area you are working which can result in someone being cut by these unseen pieces. After some trail and error I came up with an easy way that limits little pieces flying across the room. No matter which way you end up choosing ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES TO PROTECT PIECES FROM ENDING UP IN, OR CUTTING, YOUR EYES.

DIY CD Pieces

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Repurposed Challenge #1 ( 15 – CD’s )

My son challenged me to find 15 ways to repurpose old CD’s with at least 1 idea of my own.

Before I went on my search spree, I was kinda worried all I would find would be coasters. Much to my surprise, there were many creatively clever ideas to choose from. Most of which can be done for free or next to nothing. My daughter wants the room divider and the lamp for her room decor. I really liked the chandelier and the lamp, as well. Then there is the Christmas Tree. I would love to see this as a town project. It would be wonderful for the boy or girl scouts to make, or even us on the park board. The whole town could pitch in their old cd’s. Definitely a great idea for a community get together project around the holidays.

My original ideas were the mail sorter and the napkin holder. Since I was not planning to keep these items, and I was excited to post my first challenge, they were just put together as a visual to my thought. So what I am saying is they were both done in five minutes. The idea is there, but it is up to you to make it beautiful.

Links to the original post are posted on the bottom next to the
corresponding number 🙂

1. Source 2.Source 3.Source 4. Source 5. Source 6. Source 7. Source 8.Source 9.Source

10. Source 11. Source 12. Source 13. Source 14.Source 15. Source

Napkin Holder Made from CD’s


Super Simple Free Repurposing Project using CD’s


You Will Need:



Piece of Wood





Wrap wood in cloth. Have slot on the top to insert CD’s.

Place CD’s in slot and glue.

(In hindsight I should have glued the CD’s to the outside of the wood. I think it would have not only looked better but given it better support



This was made in under 3 Minutes. There are tons of things you could do to make it look better. Go ahead and USE YOU IMAGINATION !!!!