Make Your Own TableTop Christmas Tree Using the Scraps from the Bottom of Last Year’s Ornaments

Turn This                             Into This

     Every year I take the decorations down and pack them as neat as I can hoping that next year when I open the box it will be there just as I left it, but you already know that it is never the case. Every year after I put up the usable leftovers, they they are in the bottom of the container.

     THE SCRAPS…… broken ornaments, strains of ribbon ( I swear I rolled them all up), pieces of tree, ect., and since I am me, I stare and wonder what I can do with them.

     Now I love lights, so I always have extra, and this year there were so many little pieces of the Christmas tree that had come off with the ornaments last year. So I got to thinking…. a tabletop tree sure would look nice on top of the tv. So I grabbed the tree pieces, the scraps, a glass bottle, and I got to work.



  • pieces of tree
  • glue gun
  • glass bottle
  •  pieces of garland
  •   lights
  •   bows
  •   a few small ornaments


First I wrapped all the tree pieces into a rope. Then I wrapped it around the bottle using the glue gun to secure it every now and then

Next I took the Christmas lights and place part of them inside the bottle. Then I continued using the lights to wrap the tree.


Last, I put on pieces of a broke garland, add a couple of bows and small ornaments I found.