Sharpie Fun- 25 Project Ideas using Sharpies ( Updated )

Sharpie Upcycling Projects

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The Difference Between Repurposed and Upcycled

Do you know the difference between Repurposed and Upcyled? I’ve noticed during my massive amount of searching that many post use the wrong word. The most common is upcycled. When I first started looking into upcycled and repurposed projects, I thought they were the same thing just different word. However, this is wrong. Lets look at each word and how it should be used.

Repurposed- An item that is no longer used for the orginal purpose.

For Example-      A dresser drawer made into a shelf.

A crib made into a desk.

Upcycled- An item that still has the same purpose.

For Example- A spice rack used to hold paint bottles. – Both times the rack is used to hold and display bottles.

                          A basket hung from tension rod.- The basket will still be used to hold items.

Sometimes post say an item is Repurposed based on the fact that it used to store different items, but since they are still being used as storage then it would really be Upcycled not Repurposed.

And then there is DIY which is used all across the globe. DIY= Do It Yourself.