CD Curtain

A CD curtain was a must have for my daughter’s music themed room from the moment she seen it. I knew I had approximately 40 Cd’s that would no longer play, but I also knew that was no where close to what we needed. So I did what any smart minded person would… I posted a request on Facebook. The following day my Grandpa dropped off a ton of Cd’s for us. It still wasn’t enough, but it was enough to start.

However, I already had many projects already going for her room, and I honestly I wasn’t really sure how to go about it. So the Cd’s sat on top of my pile of ‘ Get To’ projects for a couple of weeks, until I decided to conquer it.

I knew I had to put holes in the Cd’s. So first I tried a hole puncher… yeah right… of course that didn’t work. Next I tried a small torch which just melted part of Cd. However, third time was the charm. I used a wood burning tool which went through the Cd like butter. So after several different learning experiences, this is how it worked for me.

1. Burn two holes parallel from each other in each Cd. Make sure they are close enough for the key rings to fit, but not too close otherwise it will go through the edge. You can burn holes in multiply Cd’s at once using the wood burning tool.


2. If you burned multiply Cd’s at once they will be stuck together. Use a flat screw driver and insert next to hole to pop them apart.0410150345

3. Nail clippers work great to pick the burnt ring that will develop around the hole.0410150346

4. Face two Cd’s were the shiny sides are together on the inside.0410150453

5. Place a key ring through both Cd’s at one time, but only in one side.0410150455

6. Open Cd’s and you have your first piece done.0410150456

7. Repeat steps 4-6, using one attached Cd and one new Cd, until you have your desired length

8. Repeat steps 4-7 until you have enough chains to fill your desired area.

9. Hang your chains. I used a piece of wood and stapled cloth around it. Then I added eye hooks to hang the chains from.0410150123a

10. Enjoy your new Cd curtain


DIY Key Ring

Not too long ago, I was making a project that required about 30 key chains. I was planning on buying them the next time I went to store. However, I came across some wire, and it hit me. Why not just make them? It was so simple that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier.

Wire, wire cutters, a cylinder object, and two minutes later I had enough homemade key chains for my project.

Since it was not only super easy but also super cheap, I had to share it with you.

1. Gather your tools. You will need wire, wire cutters, and a cylinder object that is the size you want your key ring.0410150431

2. Wrap the wire tightly around the cylinder object0410150437

3. Remove the wire from the cylinder object.


4. Cut your wire. For light items, like foil shapes, you only need on loop, but for heavier items you will want two loops.0410150442

5. Press the ring together0410150449

Now you are ready to start your project.


Make Your Own Decorative Bottle Light Display

This bottle display is pretty during the day, but it is beautiful in the dark. Not only does the light make the rocks glow, but it also makes a beautiful design on your table and wall. It will look great in any room, from a teenagers bedroom to the living room.


               You will need permanent markers, fish tank rocks, a glass bottle, and a light to go underneath. Here is the battery operated led light I used.

1. Color the rocks with permanent markers.


2. Fill you bottle with the desired amount.


3. Turn on light and place underneath


Enjoy you beautiful light display:)

Light up Your Night with these 15 DIY Glow Ideas

1. Stepping Stones eHow


2. Ring Toss Mama Did It

Light Up the Night post-002

3. Flower Pots Stagetecture 


4. Tree Stumps Wiki How


5. Pebbles Book of Joe


6. Bowling Growing a Jeweled Rose

bowl 566

7. Sprinkler The Pink Lab

PicMonkey Collage

8. Twister Hub Pages


9. Balloons Kiwi Crate


10. Balloon Pool Lights Turnstyle Vogue


11. Chair and sofa Design Crave


12. Bubbles


13. Sidewalk Chalk Growing a Jeweled Rose

glow in dark

14. Drink Cooler Camping Livez


15. Hanging Balloons Pinterest


30 DIY Yard Games to try this Summer

30 DIY Yard Games to try this Summer

Here are 30 terrific ideas for entertaining in your backyard.

Summer is my favorite time of the year. It’s the time for family fun, cook outs, festivals, bon fires, and more. Last year we built a wonderful bar in our back yard. It’s a great spot to entertain, but it is lacking in entertainment, other than the fire pit. I wanted some ideas of fun family games that would could play, so I went on a search. Here is a roundup of 30 awesome ideas I wanted to share with you. I know I can’t try all 30, but it will be hard to choose because they are all so great.

1. Giant Jenga East Plum


2. Yard Yahtzee Naptime Creations


3. Lawn Dominoes Iron & Twine

Iron & Twine (5)

4. Twister You + Me


5. Giant Beer Pong Tomorrow’s Adventures


6. Ker-Plunk All Parenting


7. Frisbee Golf My Computer is My Canvas


8. Connect Four Instructables 


9. Target Parents


10. Human Foosball Badge of Awesome


11. Chess DIY Network


12. Large Sling Shot Raisin Peanuts


13. Scrabble AJC


14. Football Score Toss Paige’s Party Ideas


15. Ping Pong Examiner


16. Pick up Sticks I Heart Naptime


17. Water Balloon Target Practice Motherhood on a Dime


18. Candy Land DIY Inspired


19. Ladder Golf Mom Endeavors 


20. Horseshoes Hometalk


21. Tic-Tac-Toe Woohome


22. Ring Toss Women’s Day


23. Shuffleboard eHow


24. Cornhole Brit+Co


25. Water Balloon Tennis Ziggity Zoom


26. Make Your Deck a Game Board The 36th Avenue


27. Mini Golf Focal Point

DIY Mini Golf Course

28. Teetherball Super Healthy Kids


29. Checkers Gardening Cook


30. Kickin’ it Croquet Style Innerchild



Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Are you short on storage space? Are you wondering where else can you possibly store your stuff? If you are tight on space here are some ideas you may not have thought of. So let’s make Use of all Unused Spaces

Under The Bed

 Modern Style

I really love how the whole mattress lifts up here. This way you get to use all the space underneath. Even though everything is hidden underneath, I would have to see how easy you could lift it to know rather or not it is safe for little children.

under the bed


Drawers under the bed are always a plus for extra storage and easy access. They make a great place to store clothes, toys, or blankets.

under bed drawers

  Raised Bed

This setup is perfect for small bedrooms. It gives you storage in front, drawers at the end, and you could also add storage under the stairs.

raised bed


Tote Sliders

Totes are a made for storage, but what do you do with all the totes once they are filled? Well here is an answer to that, slide them above your head.

ceiling storage

 Ceiling Bookshelves

This idea is wonderful for large book collections to be placed where they are not taking up space for other items. Since you want to read books, the ladder makes perfect to be able to access them often.


Between the Studs


The way this kitchen is set up, this wall would not be able to used without getting in the way. So a built in cabinet is perfect to add storage and still be able to open the refridgerator and drawers.

in the wall

 Around the Door Frame

Shelves are a great  place to store items.

around the doorway


In the Wall

The wall space under a staircase is a great spot for a built in bookcase.

under the stairs


Genius idea to place drawers in stair steps.

Staircase drawers


Inside of Door

Make use of the inside of a closet door.

Inside Closet Doors

Wall Baskets

A towel rack with hanging baskets make great use of an unused wall inside a closet.

unused wall space


A well placed shelf rack turns unused closet space into great wrapping paper storage.

inside closet wall

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12 Indoor Kids Games DIY

During the Winter and Spring kids have so many days where they can not go outside, and these days it usually means they will be stationed in front of the television or some kind of electronic device. This bugs me because kids seem to be losing their imagination. So I have compiled a list of 12 games that can be made by kids (with help from adults for smaller kids) with items you can find around the house.

12 Indoor Games for Rainy or Snowy Days

1. Ball Toss
Use buckets for your targets. Mark them on the inside with
chalk or dry erase marker. Now you are ready to
start tossing balls in.

Ball toss

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