I have always loved doing crafts. The creativity, customization, and pride of it is very appealing. DYI was my speciality, and how lucky was I when I married a handyman. My husband, Brandon, is a jack of all trades in construction. Which means we have all kinds of tools and materials laying around. So when I start a project that is where I always start.

After Brandon and I had our first two kids, Emily and Little Brandon, I started trying to save money every way I could. I was trying something new every month, and I learned that I love trying finding and trying new ideas. Well about a year ago, I came across a repurposing post on a blog. I wish I could give credit to this blog, but I can not remember which one it was. Anyhow that is where my love of repurposing debut.

After having my latest son, Brendon,I started spending alot more time at home and online. A few months ago I realized I spend a massive amount of time online looking up different projects, ideas, or information. I started thinking why I am I always looking for new sites. What did I want in one site? I wanted one site that was made up by diy projects of all types that you could do for next to nothing.

 My Blog Was Born. 

Being married and with three children ages 14, 9, and 8 months, alot of my time is occupid. So my post will be to the point. The will be well researched and budget friendly. BUT MOST OF ALL I hope that inspire you to try making things with the least amount of money possible.

I hope you stick around to see all things I will come up with.

Thank you,

Naseema Hendon