Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Are you short on storage space? Are you wondering where else can you possibly store your stuff? If you are tight on space here are some ideas you may not have thought of. So let’s make Use of all Unused Spaces

Under The Bed

 Modern Style

I really love how the whole mattress lifts up here. This way you get to use all the space underneath. Even though everything is hidden underneath, I would have to see how easy you could lift it to know rather or not it is safe for little children.

under the bed


Drawers under the bed are always a plus for extra storage and easy access. They make a great place to store clothes, toys, or blankets.

under bed drawers

  Raised Bed

This setup is perfect for small bedrooms. It gives you storage in front, drawers at the end, and you could also add storage under the stairs.

raised bed


Tote Sliders

Totes are a made for storage, but what do you do with all the totes once they are filled? Well here is an answer to that, slide them above your head.

ceiling storage

 Ceiling Bookshelves

This idea is wonderful for large book collections to be placed where they are not taking up space for other items. Since you want to read books, the ladder makes perfect to be able to access them often.


Between the Studs


The way this kitchen is set up, this wall would not be able to used without getting in the way. So a built in cabinet is perfect to add storage and still be able to open the refridgerator and drawers.

in the wall

 Around the Door Frame

Shelves are a great  place to store items.

around the doorway


In the Wall

The wall space under a staircase is a great spot for a built in bookcase.

under the stairs


Genius idea to place drawers in stair steps.

Staircase drawers


Inside of Door

Make use of the inside of a closet door.

Inside Closet Doors

Wall Baskets

A towel rack with hanging baskets make great use of an unused wall inside a closet.

unused wall space


A well placed shelf rack turns unused closet space into great wrapping paper storage.

inside closet wall

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