12 Indoor Kids Games DIY

During the Winter and Spring kids have so many days where they can not go outside, and these days it usually means they will be stationed in front of the television or some kind of electronic device. This bugs me because kids seem to be losing their imagination. So I have compiled a list of 12 games that can be made by kids (with help from adults for smaller kids) with items you can find around the house.

12 Indoor Games for Rainy or Snowy Days

1. Ball Toss
Use buckets for your targets. Mark them on the inside with
chalk or dry erase marker. Now you are ready to
start tossing balls in.

Ball toss

2. Button Golf
Cut a paper towel roll into several pieces to make your course,
and use paper and tooth picks for your flags. Use buttons as
your golf balls, and you are ready to go.

button golf

3. Race Track
Use masking tape to mark your course. Go up and down
furniture without worry because it will peel off when you are done.

city with tape

4. Target Golf
Cut different size rectangles around the top of a box. Flip it
over and mark your points with tape or markers.Ready to go.I


5. Foosball Table
A shoe box, some wooden dowels, and clothes pins will make you
a mini foosball table. Get a ping-pong ball and get playing:)


6. Marble Race Track
A pool noodle cut in half and glued side by
side make this two lane race track.

Marble Track Race

7. Mini Golf
Kids can make their courses with legos; then test their skills out with a stick
and ball. When they are tired of that course, they can scrap
it and rebuild a new one.

mini golf

8. Twister
Cut circles out of colored paper and tape on a tiled floor. If you
don’t have a tiled floor make one with masking tape.


9. Tic-Tac-Toe
Use masking tape to make the board on the floor. Then you can use anything for the markers.
Here they use balls that are two different colors.


10. Sticky Web
The web is made from masking tape, and the balls
are made from paper….. doesn’t get much easier than that.


11. Ring Toss
Two activities in one. First you get to make rings out of paper plates and decorate them.
Then you use a paper towel roll to make the target. Easy Peasy.


12. Lazar Course
Have fun taping string from wall to wall, up and down.
Then try to make it all the way through without touching the string.


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