Repurposed for Your Backyard

I am so ready for warm weather. Cookouts, swimming, swing sets, sun bathing, music, gardens; these are all things that get me excited for summer. So while I am still waiting to thaw.

Here are 10 wonderful repurposing ideas for the backyard.

 1. Bird House
This bird house is made from a drawer and a teapot.

bird houseSource

 2. Swing
An old chair and a rope turn into an awesome swing.

chair swing Source

3. Solar Lights
Make a solar light out of a floor lamp.


4. Flower Pots
What an awesome idea!! A coffee cup secured with flip-flops that are mounted on the wall.

flip flop saucer flower potSource

5. Bird Feeder
A coffee cup and saucer turns into a unique bird feeder.

bird feederSource

6. Bird Bath
This awesome pattern was made from old DVD’s.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using DVDsSource

7. Picnic Table
An old suitcase makes a perfect portable picnic table.

portable picnic tableSource

8. Bed Swing
An old trampoline can be repurposed into a bed swing.


9. Outside Movie Theater
PVC pipes, tethers, and a white tarp make this awesome movie screen for your backyard movie theater.


10. Solar Ground Lights
Mason jars make great globes for these solar yard lights.

mason jar solar lights 2Source

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