12 Creative Easter Decorating Ideas

With Easter right around the corner, I went on my own Easter search. Of course, mine was not for eggs, but for creative decorating ideas instead. I ended up finding a dozen ideas that were not only simple, but they were also extremely creative.

1. Candle Holders

Easter Candle HoldersSource

2. Peeps on a Stick

Peeps on a StickSource

3. Jelly Bean Flowers

Jelly Bean FlowerSource

4. Easter Basket made out of String

Easter Basket From StringSource

5. Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg TreeSource

6. Easter Countdown

Countdown to EasterSource

7. Egg Shell Candles

Eggshell CandlesSource

8. Glow Eggs

Glow EggsSource

9. Peeps Wreath

Peeps WreathSource

10. Bunny Treat Box

Buuny BoxSource

11. Cross Craft

Cross CraftSource

12. Egg Garland

Easter Egg GarlandSource

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