Repurposed Challenge #2 ( Dresser – 25 )

I was challenged by Michelle to find 25 ways to repurpose a dresser. This one was a little hard because most repurposed dressers I found were actually upcycled dressers. In another words, most dressers were still used as dressers they were just upcycled to look nicer. However, after several days of searching, I think I found a good list. Some are used as storage but not for clothes…..

25 Ideas to Repurpose a Dresser


 21. (left) Kitchen Island

Here they used a long dresser to make a unique
kitchen island with plenty of storage

2. ( right) Bathroom Vanity
A long dresser turned bathroom vanity.
I love this idea so you may see it this
summer when we redo our bathroom 🙂



3. (left) Children’s Storage Bench
What an awesome idea for the kid’s room!! Storage Included

4. (right) Entertainment Center
Cool idea turning a dresser into a entertainment center with loads of storage


65. (left) Lego Bench
Another excellent idea for the kid’s room. My oldest son would love this.

6. (right) Tool Box
Here they used a tall dresser and wheels to make this awesome tool chest. A few of these would be handy in any garage.



 7. (left) Kitchen Island 

I love the paper towels and spatulas on the side.

8. (right) Reading Bench
What a beautiful area for your kids to cuddle up and enjoy their adventures in reading.



9. (left) Garden
Great for small spaces, or if you want the layered look.

10. (right) Bins Bins Bins
Dresser turned shelves with bins for storage. Organization and convince in one.



11. (left) Entryway Organizer
Sitting, Storage, and a mirror…. who could ask for more.

 12. (right) Litter Box Storage
Love love love this. There is a cat door on the side for your cat to be able to come and go, and the front opens to give you plenty of room to change the litter. Meanwhile, the smell and the mess is hidden away.



13. (left) Garden Bench
Here they made a plant area and tool area all in one. However, you could use this for your tools and supplies if you have bigger garden.

14. (right) Desk
Turn that old dresser into a desk customized just for you based on your needs.


15. (left) Cat’s Bed and Breakfast
Too Cute! His food and water on bottom and bed on top… Cat’s dream come true.

16. (right) Dress-Up Armoire
All her pretty dress up clothes in one area, ready to go whenever she is. I would put full length mirror on the side so she can make sure she is perfect for her debut.



17. (left) Kitchen Table
No more running back for extra silverware. With the drawers here you can have all the extra dishes in arms reach.

18. (right) Chicken Coop
Need a chicken coop? I don’t, but if you do use an old dresser with storage on bottom.


19. (left) Craft Storage20
Organize all your goodies in here. Here are more  Craft Storage Solutions usingUnique Repurposed Items

20. (right) Storage
Glue the drawers on and add hinges to the top. Sounds simple enough, and so many things can hide in here. Bulky blankets, toys, dirty clothes, ect.


2221. (left) Dog Food
Dog bowls for food and water slides out on the bottom; while on the top you can store the bag of food and scoop.

22. (right) Bed Lift
I love space-saving storage ideas. Here they used dressers to give the bed a lift. Seems like a win – win. You get your bed comfortably off the floor and plenty of storage.



23. (left) Beverage Bar
Space for bottles, glasses, and anything else you could need in a beverage bar.

24. (right) Lite Display Case
Here they showcase a purse collection, but you could showcase anything you would like, big or small, with this idea.


25. (left) Laundry Sorter
In this photo, they use a
book shelf. However, a old
dresser would work just fine.

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