DIY CD Wall Art

DIY for a Teenager

My daughter has decided she wants to redo her bedroom. She is a teenage girl who is into music, quotes, and all things teenager. She wants to stick to a music theme, but to blend in her unique style. I went on a mad search and found all kinds of projects for her to go through and pick what she liked. She was more than happy to tell me what she wanted to try and what she did not.

What Could I Make for Free??

After we went through everything together, I was really excited to start. So I kept looking through her ideas and wondering what I make with what I had on hand. It took me a little bit, but I came up with an idea for Wall Art. The best part was I could have it done before she was home from school, and it did not cost me a penny to make.

So this is it…… and she loved it!!!!

CD Wall Art Project

And Here is How I made it…….

CD Wall Art Project Step # 1

STEP #1 On a piece of board or sturdy cardboard ( I used a bottom or a drawer that broke) First I made some watermarks to look used. Then I wrote the lyrics she wanted. I used a pencil so I could erase and rewrite as needed. If you do not feel comfortable freehanding this part, you could use a stencil.

CD Wall Art Project Step # 2

STEP #2 Her colors are purple, silver, and black. So I traced over the letters using purple and black permanent markers. After I was done I used a big eraser to erase all the pencils marks off the cardboard.

CD Wall Art Project Step # 3

CD Wall Art Project Step # 4

STEP #3 I glued half CD’s along all four edges making sure the shinny side of CD was facing forward. Do not worry about the corners yet. Once all pieces are glued, it should look like this picture on the right. If you do not know how to break the CD check out DIY: How to Cut a CD.

CD Wall Art Project Step #5

STEP #4 I flipped the pieced to the backside and glued one CD half to each corner. I made sure that the shinny side would still show on front.

CD Wall Art Project Step #6

STEP #5 Here I glued a thick black ribbon on both sides. Then I did the same on top and bottom. I made sure that the ribbon covered the edges of the CD’s that were cut.

CD Wall Art Project Step # 8

STEP #6 Next I glued a shinny purple ribbon the same way I did the black, but this time I glued it to the outter edge of the black ribbon. I, also, colored four keys with the purple marker.

CD Wall Art

STEP #7 Next I glued one key to each corner. This way you do not see where the ribbons came together.

CD Wall Art Project Step # 9

STEP #8 I thought I was done, but I didn’t like how it looked used by lyrics, but everything else looked new. Not the look I was going for. So I decided to make it look like we added the lyrics to an old music sheet. First I used crayons to shade the background to look older. Then I penciled in the lyrics to the chorus in the middle. On the top and bottom I penciled in the guitar notes to lyrics.

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