DIY: How to Cut a CD

When a Repurposed Project Calls for CD Pieces

I have ran across several repurposed projects where CD pieces are needed. So how do you get CD pieces? Well there is the obvious way of breaking them, but that often ends up with flying CD pieces and several jumpy moments. On top of that, most of the time little pieces are left unseen after flying away from the area you are working which can result in someone being cut by these unseen pieces. After some trail and error I came up with an easy way that limits little pieces flying across the room. No matter which way you end up choosing ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GLASSES TO PROTECT PIECES FROM ENDING UP IN, OR CUTTING, YOUR EYES.

DIY CD Pieces

After trying several tools, this is the best cut I have came up with so far. I will continue to experiment, and if I find a better way I will update this post.

Step # 1

DIY CD Pieces Step # 1

Using a good pair of wire cutters, cut to center on one side.

For this you do not need the extra pliers pictured. Those were only used to hold CD in place so I could take the pictures needed for this post.

Step #2

DIY CD Pieces Step # 2

Turn the CD 180 degrees, then make another cut that will meet the orginal cut in the middle.

Note: The CD seemed to have a cleaner cut if I flipped the CD to opposite side before doing step #2.

I hope this helps you make a better, safer cut.

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