Sharpie Fun- 25 Project Ideas using Sharpies ( Updated )

Sharpie Upcycling Projects

# 10 has been updated below 🙂 

I love makeovers that are fast and easy. Here I have gathered 25 projects that are just that. Using Sharpies you can makeover pretty much anything, as you will soon learn. So go ahead and have some Sharpie Fun!!

 1. Guestbook Tray

Use a serving tray instead of a guest book. This way you can display it proudly for years to come.


2. Shoe Makeover

Doodle your own design onto your shoes and make sure yours are one of a kind. 2

 3. Clutch Purse

Add individuality to your clutch purse, but don’t stop there. Try your makeup bag, change purse, wallet, and more.


 4. Necklace

Make that necklace match your favorite outfit!!!


6. Ottoman

Tired of that boring looking ottoman?? Well then customize it to your growing taste.


 7. Cell Phone Case

Oh yes you can!!! Can’t believe I’ve never thought of this one!!


8. Lamp Base

Add some design to that boring old lamp base. 7

 9. Tie Dye

Bring that old shirt back to life with this easy tie dye method.


10. Mug

Design your mug. Then make matching plates!!!

Update Last night I finally had a chance to try this. However, when I went to the link , to double-check the temperature and time in oven, I seen their post said you could not actually use them and said nothing about cooking it. I knew I had seen somewhere stating to cook in oven, so I went in super search fanatic mode ( I already had both mugs I was doing ready for the oven). After at least twenty post that were not what I was looking for, I found it on Debbie Doo’s blog. So I was able to try it after all. Now i must say, I had to cook it twice to make it work, but that was my fault. So here is my take away and tip to you : DO NOT GO OVER YOUR DESIGN TO MUCH. If it is to heavy it will not work; it will rub off. However, I absolutely love love love this project, and I know I will be doing it again ( a few times 🙂 )


11. Votive Cups

Use a laced cloth to help you with the patteren.


 12. Lamp Shade Upcycled

Boring lamp shade no more!! Add you favorite sayings, passage from a book, or draw your favorite design.


13. Throw Pillows

This is too simple. Use a sharpie to decorate your throw pillows!!!


14. Sharpie Charger

We seen how to sharpie the case, so why not go ahead and sharpie the charger while you are at it!!


15. Sharpie Your Nails

How easy would it be to add design to your nails with a fine point sharpie??


16. Wood Sign

Use a sharpie to make your own sign instead of paying $20 or more.


17. Wall Art

Make this creative wall art with sharpies and aluminum foil.


17. Light Switch Plates

Easy way to make your covers to match your decor.


18. Tile Art

Customize your tiles before using them in projects.


19. Wallpaper

Learn how to use sharpies to make your own wallpaper.


20. Buttons

Bling out your buttons.


21. Light Bulbs

Add beauty where it is least expected.


22. Carpet

I still can’t believe it. They used sharpies to upcycle their carpet!!


23. Dresser Stencils

Add any design to a dresser or any wood. I found several post that where the same idea just different objects. Coffee tables, entertainment centers, bookcases, ect.


24. Candle

This project would be fun for the kids as well. Design your own candles.


25. Script Curtains

This would be great to match up with a lampshade!!


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