Simple DIY Recipe For Essential Oils

Essential Oils can be used from cleaning supplies fragrance to beauty supplies  fragrance to any kind of smell good fragrance . I searched the internet far and wide and came up with these simple DIY methods.

1. Carrier Oil Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil,
2. Choice of Smell (these are just a few)
Herbs Peppermint, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon
Flowers Jasmine, Rose, Lavender
Citrus  Lemon, Orange, Lime (peels)
3. Cheese Cloth Cloth Diaper, Handkerchief

Once you have your ingredients, there are a few methods to make,

Method 1. Place half a jar of your choice of smell into a clear jar. Add Carrier Oil and seal. Leave in sunlight for 2 weeks.

Method 2. Place choice of smell and carrier oil in oven on low heat for several hours. Remove and strain into a cheesecloth or substute from above.

Method 3. Place jars filled half way with choice of smell into a crock pot. Add carrier oil to each jar. Add water to crock pot and heat on low for several hours. Remove and Strain into a cheesecloth or substue from above.

Method 4. If you have a old coffee maker you can add oil where water should go and choice of smell where coffee would go. Strain as above.

When straining the small amount that passes through is the essential oil.

Storing- Since essential oils can spoil, store in dark bottles in a dark cool place. Only make enough to last a short while, and do remember It Doesn’t Take Much

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