40 New Craft Storage Solutions Using Unique Repurposed & Upcycled Items

What better way to organize THINGS TO BE REPURPOSED than with using STORAGE FROM REPURPOSED ITEMS!! Ever since I started REPURPOSING, I have noticed I do not like to throw anything away anymore. This created a problem of storage overflow. So I went on a search and found 40 Ways To Organize Your Crafts with Repurposed Common Household Items.


1. Portable Craft Cart – This awesome craft station was upcycled from an old end table.

2. Altoid Tin Storage- Store all those tiny little pieces in altoid tins organized in a drawer.

3. Shelves Shelves Shelves- Use all different kind of shelves to make an awesome paint area.

4. Spool Hanger- Mount an empty spool on wall as a hanger

5. Birdcage Storage- Turn an old birdcage into a ribbon dispenser.

6. Wall Storage- Use towel racks to hang buckets on the wall to store items in arms reach.

7. Tube Storage- Use hooks to hang all your tubes in one spot.

8. Shower Caddy Repurposed- Perfect to organize all your writing supplies in one area.

9. Craft Station- Turn a five gallon bucket into a creative creativity station

10. Paint Storage- Store paint in a ketchup bottle. Plus this comes with a diy paint bonus!!

11. Wrapping Station- A wire rack is perfect to store tissue paper or fabric.

12. Drying Station- Love this idea for paint brush drying using clothespins and a loaf baking pan.

13. Drawer Dividers- Use cereal boxes as drawer dividers.

14. Store Your Sewing String- Old ironing board frame used to store all your sewing string

15. Gift Bag Display- Use and old Christmas tree frame to organize all your gift bags and ribbons.

16.  Organized Marker Storage- This marker station was made from an old vhs holder. This is awesome!!

17. Portable Gift Wrapping Station- An upside down stool on wheels! Add the pockets all around and you have yourself an all in one gift wrapping station.

18. Stackable Storage- I love this creative way to repurpose dvd holders

19. Sticker Organizer- unique way to store stickers!!!

20. Coke Crate Organizer- Perfect for organizing all those paint supplies

21. Sewing Jar- Use a mason jar to make this awesome sewing jar

22. Crib Rail Organizer – Tons of room for multiple storage ideas

23. Supply Carrier- Repurpose a 6 pack carton into a supply carrier.

24. Craft Station- Repurpose an old suitcase into an all in one crafting station.


25. Glitter Dispensers- repurpose salt shakers as glitter dispensers

26. Organized Storage- Use lazy susans to make the most of shelf space

27. Pencil Storage

28. More Pencil Storage- This idea uses pepurposed poker chip holders.

29. Ribbon Dispenser- Use a basket with holes to keep all those ribbon spools organized

30. Paper Organizer- Cereal boxes make useful storage bins to organize all you paper


32. Ribbon Hanger

33. Sissor Organizer- Hang Anything with a handle from hooks hung from a towel rod.

34. Paint Brush Hanger

35. Yarn Dispenser- use an old vhs tape to dispense yarn

36. Tool Box- An old-time tool box repurposed as a carrier

37. Drying Rack- Pizza boxes repurposed to store drying paint creations

38. Lace Organization- organize your lace or small-clothes with rulers hung from clips


39. Hanging Storage- this awesome organization station is made from repurposed plastic containers

40. Paint Bottle Storage- I love this idea to keep all your paint bottles ready to use and at arms reach using a cookie sheet!!

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