Use Repurposing to Clear Out the Office Clutter

This article has 9 quick and easy projects to organize your office or desk. Do you think it is crazy to spend money on something you can make yourself for free? I know I do. When you repurpose items you already have, it doesn’t only save you money, but you’re also keeping extra trash out of landfills. So if you would like to getting things you want, saving ,money, and saving the planet all at the same time, then you came to the right place.  The ideas below can be done with $0 – $15 for all projects together even if you do not have these items on hand.  Three of the nine projects can be done completely for free using items around your house.

1. Magnet Calendar


This awesome calendar is made from a cookie pan. The numbers are just magnets that you can move around every month. It also has a dry erase to do list.

Project Total= $0

                                $2 If you need cookie sheet and magnets

2. Paint Stirrers for Alphabetizing Your Bookcase


I think these are adorable, but if you don’t there are tons of ways to dress them up for free. Paint, cloth, nail polish, duck tape, and those are off the top of my head. I am sure there are plenty of other ideas that wouldn’t cost a thing.

Project Cost= $0

3. Repurposed Breadbox Becomes an Electronic Charging Station


This one is definitely my favorite. Mainly because my daughter has went through at least five chargers in the last year due to bending the cord while it was plugged in. This would prevent that. from being such a problem. It, also, has room for enough devices at once.  Luckily for me, I have a breadbox that is not being used. So I see an update in the near future.

Project Cost= $0

4.  Pencil Cases From a Soda Box


Cases like they came from store made out a cardboard box. I think the kids would like this one, and they could pick favorite drink so they know whose is whose.

Project Total= $0

5. Tea Can Pencil holder/ magnet


Glue magnets to tea can, and you are done. You could use spice can, mint can, a container like what baby cereal come in, and many other things depending on your needs. I would make one slightly bigger so I could store paper in with the pencils.

Project Total= $0

6. Knife Block Turned Art Supply Holder

I really thought this was an awesome idea. My husband has some of those metal braces, and I think I may have a knife block are two somewhere in the house. I’m going to be upset if I threw them away. If you do not happen to have those metal braces, they are only a couple of dollars. If you do not have a knife block you can find them for a few dollars, at most, at flea markets and thrift stores.

Project Cost= $0

          $4 If you need the knife block and clips

7. License Plate Clipboards

I used to collect license plates from different states when I was a kid. I wish I still had them, but I’m sure I can come up with one. I’m also sure that there is a clipboard not in use somewhere in this house.
Project Cost= $0
$2 if you need clipboard

8.  An Awesome Pencil Holder Made From a Shoe Box and Toilet Paper Rolls

I have seen many pencil holders like this, but I like how this one is bigger. I really like how you can keep the different kinds of markers sperate and how it makes the middle taller.

Project Cost= $0

9. Mess Free Cord Storage

Binder clips and thumb tacks, I don’t think it could get much easier than that. I really need to do this by my laptop area: there are so many different cords that get tangled and misplaced.

Project Cost= $0

        $2 if you do not have clips or tacks

All nine together came to $10 if you needed items. (That does not include the bread box, which I’m guess you can find for four to five dollars at thrift store).  All I would need are the binder clips, so I could do all nine projects for $1- $2.

For more repurposed storage ideas check out 15 Creative Ways to Repurpose Formula Containers.

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