9 Repurposed & Upcycled Ideas to Organize the Children’s Room

9 Brilliant Ideas for Children’s Room Made From Repurposed Item

How do you get kids to put their toys away without having to tell them ov

er and over? Make clean up time into fun time with these kid friendly storage solutions. When you make their clean up seem like it’s still playtime, the world of stepping on legos and Barbie shoes will be long done. Now I am not saying these ideas are magic: they will not make your kid’s start asking to put their toys away. However, you may get one step closer to sanity. If you have a good idea please share, because we all love fresh idea’s.

Book Shelf Table

This child’s table is made from an old drawer. With a little paint and some legs, it makes a nice storage area for the little ones books.

If you like this idea, click here for more drawer repurposing ideas.

Lego Table With Storage

This table is awesome. I love how it has he basket for storage and the platform to build on the work space. I can’t believe actually through one of these out a few years back. Well I know what I will be looking for at the flea market and thrift stores.

Backboard Made From Old Toddler Frame

This idea has so many different possibilities. This on would be for an older child, but if it was flipped on side, it would be great for a younger child. Plus, almost any child’s activity could be organized here with different size baskets.

Book Shelves out of Crates

Turn a crate into an adorable bookshelf that mounts to wall. Easy access for the little ones. Add a little, comfy chair to make a reading nook.

Photo Frames as Name Tags

These are too cute. Picture labels in picture frames for children too young to read can still know where everything goes. Plus, you could put them on practically any container.

Wall Planter to Toy Box

Toy storage that is just their size. I love how these are close to the floor for little ones, but they are not in the way. I would like to try with globes.

Hotwheels Magnet Storage

Here is a cute parking idea for all those hotwheels that have taken over. However, it will on work on the cars with metal bottoms.

Toy Magnet Storage

All those magnets will jump right on this pizza pan.

Craft Storage for Children

Cool idea for kids craft supplies, but could be used for cars, legos, Barbie clothes, the list goes on and on.

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