10 Repurposed Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Here are 10 Laundry Room storage solutions from repurposed items to help you save time and money.

1. Mount Baskets Above the Hamper
These could be any basket, about any size, and any number. It all depends on your needs and what you have on  hand.

2. Use Clothes Pins for Missing Socks
No more finding one sock just to find out you lost the other. All you need is some clothes pins and wire or rope. Another idea is to use hangers with clips, or a hanger with clothes pins. So many options.


3. Keep Colors Separate Pre-Wash

Separate the white and colors from the start. This sorter is just a bookcase and laundry baskets.

4. Add Names Tags for Clean Clothes Pick Up
Assign each family member a basket and label it. Place each persons clothes in their basket, and they are in charge of putting their own clothes away and returning the basket.

5. Put Cleaning Supplies in a Show Organizer
Let’s face it: you can put pretty much anything in a shoe organizer.

6. Desgnate a Row for Lost and Found
Leave a row open for items found in wash. If you don’t want the organizer, use a basket or jar instead.

7. Group Cleaners in Baskets
Place all items needed to clean one room in one basket. When it’s time to clean you will save time not having to gather them.

8. Label Baskets by Room They Clean
Label the baskets so everyone knows what room they are for. If you have children, make a dry erase list for each one with everything that needs cleaned in that room.

9. Use a Ladder for Hanging Clothes

This ladder will handle all your hanging needs. Just make sure it is mounted to a beam to support the weight.

10. Use Clothes Pins or Hangers With Clips for Gloves
This will keep gloves together and give them a place to dry at the same time.

Click here for a Upcycled boot shelf.

Do you have a question or idea to share? Feel free to comment below.

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